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Lebanon Companies List
Address:Anis Howayek property - Main Street - Bdadoun - Aley Tel:961 3 899665 (+961-961 3 899665)
Address:Allied Center Bldg. 1st floor - Airport Road - Bourj Barajneh - Baabda Tel:961 3 300111, 961 3 392000, (+961-961 3 300111, 961 3 392000,)
Address:7th floor, Al-Maskan building, Saeb Salam avenue, Tallet Khayat sector Beirut Lebanon Tel:961-1-316144 (+961-961-1-316144)
Address:Street no. 68, Presidential Palace road, Brazilia area, Sector no. 3 Baabda (Baabda) Lebanon Tel:961-5-924682 (+961-961-5-924682)
Address:4th floor, Block D, Gefinor center, Clemenceau street, Hamra sector Beirut Lebanon Tel:961-1-740700 (+961-961-1-740700)
Address:Khalifeh building, Main road Ghazieh (Saida) Lebanon Tel:961-7-223107 (+961-961-7-223107)
Address:Raouche Beirut
Address:Po Box 5312-113 Abi Mona Property, Hamra Beirut
Address:Elias Nehme 3848 Property, The Square, Hadeth Baabda Tel:961(1)454993 (+961-961(1)454993)
Address:Ezzat Ali Hassan Ali Khalil 431 Property, Borj El Brajneh Baabda Tel:961(1)820297 (+961-961(1)820297)
Address:Po Box 5380-11 Sami Fendi Saab Property, Beirut Beirut Tel:961(1)365377 (+961-961(1)365377)
Address:Hala Gandour 1548/10 Property, Mazraa, Basta Beirut Tel:961(1)633483 (+961-961(1)633483)
Address:Po Box 155-612; Hamra, Abdulaziz Street, Idriss Building, Suite 502; Beirut Tel:961(1)747989 (+961-961(1)747989)
Address:Mikhaelian Property, Ashrafieh; Beirut Tel:961(1)200314 (+961-961(1)200314)
Address:Metri Haddad Inheritors 3721 Property, Beirut, Beirut Tel:961(1)300532 (+961-961(1)300532)
Address:Joseph Khoury Property, Near Water Co.; Borj Hammoud, Baabda Tel:961(1)881943 (+961-961(1)881943)
Address:Ayoub Abd Allah Hitti Property, Zalka; Baabda Tel:961(1)893592 (+961-961(1)893592)
Address:El Rafic Co. Property, Jounieh; Baabda Tel:961(9)916664 (+961-961(9)916664)
Address:Po Box 11/944; Beirut Tel:961(1)814183 (+961-961(1)814183)
Address:Beirut, Beirut, Beirut Tel:00961-3-655092 (+961-00961-3-655092)
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